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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gone for ever

On my last visit to Bahrain April 2013, I went back to Al Halat where I lived for one year spent on painting  the view of the lagoon and Alnuaim Island. I am so emotionally attached to the place that I keep visiting the area especially after I moved to Amwaj Islands( might write about that later). On this last visit to Alhalat a big shock has been awaiting me.  The part of the lagoon as it appears in some of my paintings has been reclaimed and gone for ever maybe to build more houses. I was tremendously saddened by this action but glad that I stepped in on time to take as many pictures and paint as many paintings I could for the lagoon. It was not a lagoon anyway. It was the sea then they built a bridge to connect Alnuaim Island to the main land (  reclaimed main land). This reclaimed part of the lagoon is the habitat of so many local and migrant sea birds that I used to watch and photograph. It is also the habitat of a few kind of fish and where they lay their eggs.
I have a photograph of fish eggs at this particular place where they look like pearls attached to the rocks.
It is sad that people do not really appreciate simple beauties. I say that because my interest in this modest part of Bahrain has been appreciated by many as so far no one had ever thought about it as a subject for any art work. I see things differently and I am pleased that I saved another small part of Bahrain's history as I did for my own country Kuwait and countries I have lived in or visited.

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