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About my paintings

About my painting

Artist's life

Paint stained shirt,
Paint stained fingers,
Paint stained hair.
Paint stained walls,
Paint stained floors,
Paint stained chair.
Dancing around
Creating flames
The artist
Framing pictures
And giving them names.
For nothing,
For everything,
For no-one,
For all.

A poem by Bazza Albateni

  My paintings return me to my lost childhood, helping me rediscover almost everything with the same excitement and, maybe, innocence.

I draw my inspiration from Triangles. Most of my works are composed of a variety of triangular forms.

The people in my paintings have little or no facial features. I hardly notice because deep inside I know their identity - real or imaginary. I don’t need extra details after I have made my point.

My ever changing environments  and experiences, along with my Middle Eastern backgrounds and life as a mother, teacher and writer are providing me with the stimulus to enflame my imagination. My vibrant colours and geometric shapes reflect an individual perception and an overwhelming excitement about nature, wildlife, pets and domestic objects.

The inspiration for my paintings merges with my attempts to remember forever - precious moments I have lived recently, beauties I’ve seen and the conversations I have had with the dear people in my life. Profound feelings and thoughts discretely find their way to the canvas and are still invisible to my eye.

The time spent on a painting is a unique era for me and every painting is a beloved companion, which makes the possibility of parting with it a little painful. However, the knowledge that it might add warmth, beauty and inspiration into someone else’s life - if only for a moment - gives it a new meaning and a new history.

Selfportrait.Acrylics on canvas

 I work with Acrylics on canvas, board or paper mostly but I enjoy working with water colours and pencils. I illustrated, designed and painted the covers of all my books. I also do portraits when I am not quite inspired. It is a challenge that I hugely enjoy. It is a pity that I myself destroyed portraits I painted or drew 20 years ago for some family members during one of those phases or moods that a creative person passes through or suffers from occasionally.

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